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Best Mini Electric Guitar [2020] – Buyer’s Guide & Review 👈

There are many benefits to the travel or best  electric guitars. It can go just about anywhere without taking up much space.  And the size alone makes it an optimal choice for beginners, in particular children as it fits their hands far better than a regular sized guitar.

As there are a number of travel/mini electric guitars, to narrow things down to what may be the best, if not the most recommended, I used a general criteria meant for young, novice guitarists: price, comfort, and simplicity.

Best Mini Electric Guitar

1. Squier ini Strat Best Mini Electric Guitar

A best mini electric guitar designed with age in mind, with 20 frets and ¾ scale for much shorter reach, strings requiring less tension to play, and a wide range of sound. It also comes in many colors so your child can choose their favorite.

When it comes to choosing a starter instrument for your budding musician, you want them to have the best, but you probably don’t want to break the bank. With that said, you are most likely wondering why you should put your faith behind my top choice. The answer is simple: I have done the research so you don’t have to.

I have spent countless of hours browsing music stores both in-person and online to find the best reviewed and most recommended instruments for young players just starting out. In addition, I have had numerous of conversations with professionals and even students to discover just what they like and don’t like about certain travel guitars.

Pros & Cons

  • Good sound
  • Simple tuning
  • 22.75” scale
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Not the best for distortion

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2. Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Best Mini Electric Guitar

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 This mahogany best mini electric guitar acoustic 6-string is a breeze to play. If you have small hands of course. The 1-11/16” neck width accommodates small fingers as well as beginners with limited dexterity. Finding the notes, pressing on the strings, and string skipping becomes a lot easier when using the Taylor BT2.

Don’t be distracted by the size. When it comes to sound clarity and loudness, the BT2, like any Taylor guitars, won’t disappoint. Although most people may find value in it for practicing and working on songs at home, the BT2 acoustic guitar is a great travel guitar.

Best Mini Electric Guitar can even be used in small venues and whenever you need a warm sound. The main reason for the extra kick and output is the bowed or rounded back design. It creates extra room inside the resonator box which allows for better sound projection and sustain.

The build quality is very good. It’s made apparent by the choice of material but also through the price point and feel of the BT2.

Pros & Cons

  • Good resonance
  • Textured feel
  • Short scale
  • Lightweight
  • Warm tone
  • May need to be tuned often

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3. Ibanez Mikro Best Mini Electric Guitar 

The Ibanez GRGM21BKN best mini electric guitar is a superb electric option out there for players with small hands. The good-natured people who made this little, power-packed guitar did not waste their time. It looks so mean and yet cute that you could be in a dilemma whether to play it or just keep it as a pet.

This guitar offers so much in such a small body. If you are a highly experienced guitar player or a complete beginner, master or disaster, this guitar will draw the best from you. It is just that fun to play. You’ll find everything commonly found on a full-size guitar packed into this little beast.

This best mini electric guitar is actually the first small-scale guitar that Ibanez built. It features the famous Ibanez inlays on the 22-inch long neck with 24 frets. The body and neck are made of mahogany and maple, respectively. Quality materials and 24 frets on a short neck contribute to this guitar’s excellent tone, and the price is quite reasonable, too.

At this size and quality-to-price ratio, this electric guitar is certainly among the best for beginners and a very good choice for all players with small hands. Change a thing or two on this guitar to better quality parts and you will be even more amazed.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely fun to play
  • 24 frets on a 22-inch neck
  • Small size, great for beginners perfect for travel
  • High-quality construction, hard-tail bridge and good tone
  • Very reasonably priced considering the materials
  • Some fret buzz – it’s an Ibanez
  • Could need re-tuning a bit more often

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4. Martin LXK2 Little Martin Best Mini Electric Guitar

squier mini strat

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 The Little Martin is a really capable acoustic guitar that’s easy to play with small hands. This best mini electric guitar is such a great instrument for beginners and children (though it is not marketed as a children’s guitar, so no such stigma for all you grownups out there). It is also an excellent travel guitar. 

The Little Martin packs a surprisingly big sound for such a small guitar. This best mini electric guitar is made of High-Pressure Laminate or HPL, which is essentially plastic that is made to look like wood. The material does not affect the sound, which is rather deep. All in all, HPL is a very good choice for travel and outdoor playing.

For those with small hands, this is a fun, durable, and reliable guitar made by a well-known manufacturer. It can be played left-handed or right-handed, and you will probably find the sound quality to exceed your expectations.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent for small hands
  • Reliable for outdoor use, handling, and transportation
  • Very good tone
  • You can play it right out of the box
  • Fun to play
  • Stays in tune
  • Not the cheapest option
  • Some might find it too light and too small

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5. Oscar Schmidt OG1 Best Mini Electric Guitar

 The OG1 best mini electric guitar comes in two models: it can either feature a rosewood fretboard or an engineered wood fretboard. Its size is roughly 3/4th the size of a regular acoustic guitar, which makes it an ideal starter instrument for kids, students, and of course, adults with smaller hands.

Oscar Schmidt uses a combination of spruce (top) and catalpa wood (sides). This gives the OG1 decent durability but also good resonance and impressive sustain for the money.

The die-cast chrome tuners are quite reliable even for thicker steel strings. However, you might not want to overdo it. There’s limited bridge height adjustability, which means that thick strings might compromise clarity and succumb to unwanted vibrations. Especially on the low E and A strings.

There’s also the aspect of the lifetime warranty. That’s not something you get every day, and definitely not at this price range.

Pros & Cons

  • 3/4-size
  • Two fretboard choices
  • Good sustain
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Decent tuning retention
  • Not very loud

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6. Fender Jaguar Best Mini Electric Guitar

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 The fresh, fuzzy, and fervent Fender. This best mini electric guitar is a brand name that rings a bell. To expect that Fender would not have an ideal guitar for all kinds of players and all hand sizes would be a great underestimation.

These people know everything there is to know about guitars. So, when they decide to make a real animal of a guitar, for their loyal small-handed followers, then that’s not just any animal. It’s a Jaguar!

Actually, this model has been around for quite a while, but it is still among the best choices for players with small hands. This is because Fender did not beat around the bush. They made a guitar that has a comfortable body size.

At 24 inches of length, the scale is shorter, the frets are closer together, and the neck profile is thinner so it allows a good grip. They also moved the trem plate closer to the bridge. This is a great solution for increasing player comfort as the break-angle is now better adjusted.

Essentially, this best mini electric guitar is a great Fender guitar that is made smaller to allow easier handling for players with small hands. If you are a fan of the grungy Fender sound but you cannot exactly grab a basketball from the top and pick it up from the floor, then the Jaguar is my sincere recommendation for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Increased break-angle enables more comfort while playing
  • Fender quality, excellent construction
  • Durable and reliable
  • Ten tonal settings
  • Easier to bend strings and play large chords on a shorter scale
  • Resonant body
  • Unique sound
  • Jaguar’s 1960’s design is not everyone’s favorite
  • All tones still sound grinding and sludgy – it’s a Fender
  • The ringing bridge
  • Might be over-budget for many people

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7. Yamaha APXT2EW Best Mini Electric Guitar

Another travel guitar on this list of guitars for players with small hands, the compact Yamaha APXT2EW best mini electric guitar is an electro-acoustic guitar. So, if you are just passing through town and someone suddenly asks you to perform on stage, this little fellow is going to have you prepared.

The neck of this best mini electric guitar is only 15 inches long, very slim, and has 21 frets. It has the perfect measures even for the smallest hands. Both body and neck are made of high-quality wood (Rosewood fingerboard and Meranti back & sides) which gives the guitar a highly satisfying tone quality. The strings are made of steel but could be better. The Yamaha APXT2EW has inbuilt tuners and volume controls.

The compact size makes this instrument great for beginners starting out on acoustic with an eye toward electric, and for those who like to travel frequently. With or without electricity, this miniature guitar has got you covered everywhere.

Pros & Cons

  • The price is fair
  • Neck and body are made of quality wood
  • Extra small neck size, good even for the most delicate hands
  • ART-based preamp
  • Can be plugged-in to an amplifier
  • System 68 pickup
  • Although the guitar comes with steel strings, they are of poor quality
  • Tuners might need to be replaced, too
  • Can sound like ukulele

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8. Gibson SG Special Best Mini Electric Guitars 

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Best mini electric guitar is a great American guitar. All the magic of Gibson’s tradition is packed into this compact guitar. Still, this is not a super small instrument. It is just the right size.

Tradition is also not everything that this best mini electric guitar delivers. Let’s not forget that we are in the 21st century, and the innovative technical solutions implemented on this guitar are keeping up with the times quite well.

The Gibson SG Special features some improvements of the electronics and the wiring. The G-Force auto-tuning system is there as well as the Tune-o-Matic bridge. All of this is great, but let’s see what makes this guitar so perfect for big players or grownups with small hands.

First of all, with 22 frets and a length of 24 ¾ inches, the Gibson SG Special is shorter than standard electric guitars. It also features a slim-taper neck and a double cutaway, so the upper frets are easily reachable.

All these characteristics make this best mini electric guitar perfect for small hands. In the end, the most important thing is that the sound remains the same. That good old recognizable and time-enduring Gibson guitar sound.

I should mention that recently Gibson has been targeted with criticism, by some, about the quality control standards for their products. Still, it is a company of great tradition, and all you small-handed artists, performers, players, and strummers should know that if you want a Gibson guitar, the SG Special is ideal for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Not a fun-size guitar but a perfectly adjusted instrument for players with small hands
  • Vintage Gibson sound
  • Famous, pinpoint Gibson tuning
  • Precision-made mahogany body with fast-access neck heel..
  • Might be too big for those who are looking for a really small guitar
  • The classic Gibson design could look like “Dad’s guitar” to some
  • Small hands, or big hands, the price is for real players only. Beginners should keep looking.

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The Bottom Line

We can all agree that with a lot of practice and technique adjustments, everyone can play just any guitar. However, those with smaller hands might need to pass significantly larger number of obstacles to achieve the necessary skill level. This is simply not fair. That is why best mini electric guitar like the ones described in this article exist.

When you are choosing a perfect guitar for yourself, go for well-tested quality and don’t compromise on the sound. Don’t try to make it too easy for yourself by picking some micro instruments. Creating your own music is going to need both, great tools and perfect skill.

All the guitars in this article qualify for the flattering title of the best guitar for big players with small hands. However, if I had to choose only two, I would recommend the Squier Mini Strat as the top choice among best mini electric guitar for those with small hands. On the other hand, the Baby Taylor is the best acoustic guitar for small hands.

Our Recommendation:- 

The best mini electric guitar for young beginners is the Squier Mini Strat by Fender. This is a best mini electric guitar designed with age in mind. With the 20 frets and ¾ scale, there is a much shorter reach needed. Young guitarists have more comfort with a shorter scale.

Less tension is needed when touching the fret notes. Smaller fingers sometimes cannot produce the pressure required to play note properly, so this low action design eases that strain for a relaxed playing experience.

Additional convenience is seen with the vintage C-shaped neck profile. This oval-like shape is suited for smaller hands. Along with the thin body and lightweight feel, young ones should have no problem holding and reaching over the instrument.

Another quality I enjoy about the Squier Mini is that maintaining it is made simple. It has a hard tail bridge, vintage-inspired, that provides many benefits for novice players such as the restringing process.

As brought up earlier in the review, it may be necessary to replace the strings on these as they are not always the best sounding and may drop tune from time-to-time. Making that process simpler is a good idea when it comes to players just learning.

The Squier Mini  best mini electric guitar also has a rather nice sound to it, and all in a small package. It uses a traditional three single-coil set up. This gives it a greater dynamic and bright sound. In addition, it has a versatile 5-position switch so you can have an even wider array of sounds to go from. The rosewood fingerboard aids with adding warmer tones.

To go back to the hard tail bridge, that gives the Squier Mini greater sustain as well. Also, the guitar has master volume and tone controls. You can plug in and jam out as you would with larger-scale guitars. If you want to, hear the Squier Mini in action on this short, but comprehensive video (on YouTube).

A nice addition to the Squier Mini is the personalization that young guitarists are sure to enjoy. At Musician’s Friend, you can find this instrument in either black or Torino red. Amazon has those two colors with the addition of pink. Other places may sell it in colors not listed here, so feel free to shop around.

The Runner-Up: Epiphone Les Paul Express Best Mini Electric Guitar

This best mini electric guitar almost tied with the Squier Mini Strat. It landed in the runner-up spot instead due to things concerning quality that I feel doesn’t match up well to it being priced over $100. It can sometimes have intonation issues that can be difficult to fix, especially for beginners. Otherwise, it is close with my top choice.

The Epiphone Les Paul Express best mini electric guitar manages to capture the power and sound behind the larger version. It is made in a mirror-like image of the classic Les Paul with the mahogany body. However, the neck is hard maple instead. This change in neck design gives the mini guitar. 

Best Mini Electric Guitar also has needed comfort for younger players. The fully-adjustable fixed bridge not only adds sustain, but it allows for an easier time changing strings. String tension has been loosened due to the shorter fret scale, and the recessed bolts that secure the neck makes the upper fret more readily accessible.

The Les Paul Express comes available in either Vintage Sunburst or Ebony.


How to Choose the  Best Mini Electric Guitar?

There are a number of factors to consider before diving into the world of mini guitars. Since these are designed mainly with mobility in mind, I recommend not emptying out your wallet for one. Although they are durable, they tend not to be as sturdy as larger guitars, so you don’t want to pour hundreds of dollars into one. This review is intended to help novice, young players that I suspect will move onto regular sized guitars in the future. Go on and save your money for the bigger ones later on.

Still, even though you aren’t shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollars, you should be sure not to sacrifice quality. Look into a few things before deciding to purchase a best mini electric guitar.

What Exactly is a  Mini Electric Guitar?

A mini electric guitar is a type of travel guitar. Travel guitars live up to their name: they’re portable, compact, and serve as stand-ins for regular sized guitars. These types of guitars aren’t only electric. They can be acoustic or electric-acoustic as well. Best mini electric guitar perform just like the larger ones. Some even have built-in headphone outputs for silent playing. A design such as that can be a good idea when in the car with a practicing musician.

Why You Should Choose a Mini Electric Guitar?

Now, I know some of you may still be debating on why you should purchase a travel guitar over a larger one when you can get a regular sized guitar and call it a day. More so, as this pertains to young players, you may be thinking about that cheaper instrument you passed in your local toy store. Choosing a travel guitar over either a larger one or the toy store ones is based on factors such as budget and quality.

To first address toy stores, guitars found there will always be toy-like in quality. If your little one is truly devoted to learning how to play, then you should think about providing for this hobby properly. After all, a hobby can easily transform into a career. Those cheaper, toy guitars are not meant to hold up as well as the real deal. They are low-quality and are not usually dependable.

You don’t want to throw away money at a toy-like product, but you also may want to think about how much you truly want to invest depending on the guitarist and how likely they are to keep up with playing. Larger, more expensive electric guitars can often break $2,000, so for those on a budget, those are typically not on the table to begin with. Although some mini electric guitars sell for hundreds, there are plenty below $200.

Size is another consideration when purchasing a best mini electric guitar. The larger instruments tend to not fit smaller hands, which can make for an uncomfortable playing experience. Comfort is key to learning any instrument. Travel guitars are easy to carry and reach around. They can fit in a car or even on a plane. Your young player can take it anywhere from a road trip to heading over to their grandparents’ house.

Some Drawbacks to Travel best mini electric guitar

Despite the fact that I personally feel the benefits outweigh the cons concerning these instruments, it is inevitable that something will come with negative traits. One of the biggest negativities concerns overall quality, more so when compared to larger guitars. Travel guitars are just that: travel guitars. Many musicians opt for using them in place of their more expensive gear that they either can’t bring with them or don’t want to damage on the road.

Due to that, best mini electric guitar may not be as sturdy as their larger counterparts. It’s rather simple to cycle through them as they can get bumped, scratched, or damaged in other ways when carrying them on the road so often.

Also, it may not always be easy to tune some mini electric guitars. The strings aren’t always the best in terms of quality either. Veteran and beginning players alike can find some frustration in the possibility of less-than-stellar strings and having to re-tune frequently.

Understanding Tuning and Proper Set Up

Regardless of size, not every guitar will sound great from the get-go. It is important to understand not just general tuning, but also how to modify your best mini electric guitar to make it sound as best as it possibly can. 

This is also an excellent part of teaching novice guitarists how to care for and maintain their instrument.

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